Frequently asked questions

What is CobbenCampus?

CobbenCampus is the newest and best Campus at Tilburg. It has 150 apartments and various common rooms. Cobbencampus is a concept created in co-operation with Tilburg University.

What is the exact address?

Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 9, 5037 DA Tilburg

How do I book?

Go to apartments, select the apartment you love, select your arrival date and leave your details. We will send you an email.

Can we book as a group?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible, but it’s possible to choose a room next to someone, if the specific room is still available.

Can I choose a certain room?

Yes, you can choose a certain room. We believe it’s important to choose your own home.

How do I pay the rent?

Various ways of payment are possible. For example: (international) bank transfer or automatic collection of a Dutch bank account.

When can I move in?

When you have provided us with all the information, transferred the deposit and when you made an appointment for the key transfer.

Do I qualify for rent allowance?

It depends (among others) on your age, income and the basic rental price and service costs.
Right now we do not have any apartments/studio’s available with rental allowance.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is a notice period of two months.

If you cancel before moving in, the following rules apply:
Canceling a month or longer before moving in: We will keep €250,-
Canceling shorter than a month before moving in: We will keep €500,-
Canceling on day of arrival: We will keep everything.

The content of the costs:
Transfer costs
Service costs
Administration costs
Contract costs

What do I do if I am not completely satisfied?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution together!

Is there internet connection?

Yes, every apartment/studio has its own router.

Do I need bedding and kitchen packs?

No, there is one bedding pack and one kitchen pack already in your apartment. In principle you only have to bring your clothes, the rest is already in your apartment.

What is the policy on guests staying in my room?

We love people, but unfortunately it is not allowed for an unregistered person to stay in your room.

Can I smoke?

No, you can only smoke outside. But it is healthier to quit smoking.

Can I have pets?

No, pets are not allowed. We do not bother about a goldfish, but we want to avoid (noise) disturbance.

There is something broken in the community room/apartment. What should I do?

We have a handyman who can fix everything. Mail to beheer@magisvastgoed.nl. Urgent? Do not hesitate to call. +31 (0)88 178 00 00

I lost my key. What should I do?

Email or contact us.
We will arrange a new key for you. It will cost €100,-
You need to transfer the costs within 2 days when this happens.

I have locked myself out. What should I do?

Email or call us.
When you lock yourself out during office hours (Monday till Friday from 9 am till 5 pm) we will charge €25,-
When you lock yourself out outside office hours we will charge €75,-
You need to transfer the costs within 2 days when this happens.

What are the extra costs?

The extra costs will be €168, – per month for all apartments and studio’s
The content of the cost:
Furniture: €60
Service cost : €48
Electricity and water: €60

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is one month rent.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned within 1 month after the rental period has ended.

Is it possible to rent a room for two persons?

It is possible but there are additional costs (€100, -) involved. It is only possible for the two-room apartments.

Will my apartment be cleaned?

No, it is your responsibility to clean your apartment. See it as a nice workout.

Will my room be inspected?

Yes, it will be inspected at your departure. After the inspection we can return your deposit.

What size of bed do I get?

A studio has a 120×200 cm bed and a 2-room apartment has a 140×200 cm bed.

How do I collect my post?

There is a mailbox at the entrance. Also special parcel post boxes are available.

Is there a laundry on-site?

Everybody has his own washing machine. There are common dryers and irons in the corridor.

How do I set up my internet connection?

A personal Wi-Fi code is located in you room.

Is there parking space?

Yes, there is parking space for residents.

Is visitor parking available?

Yes, there are a few parking spaces reserved for visitors.

Can I stay after I have graduated?

Please send us a request.

Do I need to move out over the Christmas and Easter holidays?

No, you can stay during any holiday (also during summer).

How do I log repairs?

Go to Log In. When you are logged in you will see a link where you can report repairs and complaints. With this link you can also see your details and rental agreement.

How do I contribute to sustainable living?

-Turn off the lights when you leave.
-Switch off electrical appliances.
-A normal indoor temperature in the Netherlands is 19 degrees.

Is your question not listed? Please contact us.